8 simple cyber security tips for small business owners

Businesses these days are more productive than ever before. Thanks to the evolution of high speed internet, mobile technology and the increased number of web based solutions, tools and digital applications.

Meanwhile, despite all these advantages given by the advancement in technology, financial records, social media accounts, website, business or customer data are at risks because they might fall victim to hackers and the online cyber thieves.

There are many kinds of small business frauds but cyber security crimes such as digital and data information theft is the most commonly reported these days. Business owners not taking precautions to protect business data should be concerned about exposing sensitive business information to intruders that can threaten the future of the business.

One simple step to prevent your small business’ cyber crime fraud is to give your employees their own user account. Provide only trusted staff and key personnel with administration privileges. Laptops can be lost or stolen so ensure that employees lock these up when not in use.

Secondly, have the latest security software, web browsers and operating systems on computers. Install key software updates as soon as they become available and set antivirus to run a scan after each update and run full system scans on a regular basis.

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