Small Bathroom Renovation Tips for Perth Homeowners

The status of bathrooms has grown in recent times; they are very important. They are amongst the most renovated areas in the house. This is because it is one of the places where we spend a lot of our times relaxing and refreshing after a long, tiring day. Also, it can instantly increase the value of the house by carrying out small bathroom renovations. Even if your objectives are not to sell your house, you can still benefit from hiring a professional company to renovate your space.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a master bathroom. But fortunately you can still work with your small bathroom. Some might think a successful small bathroom renovation project requires you to knock down walls and move plumbing, but you can achieve a lot and make your small bathroom look bigger by being creative.

One of the most useful tools you can use in giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom is colour. You can use light paint for painting the walls of your small bathroom. For your flooring, you should also use light coloured tiles.

Using the appropriate lighting and mirrors also play a vital role in making a bathroom seems bigger. Recessed lighting over the vanity mirror will have an impressive effect and illuminate the workspace. Natural light from a skylight is also important in making the room inviting and roomy.

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In addition to those, limiting the amount of storage you have can also give more space to your bathroom. Have the fewest number of cabinets possible; perhaps have just one. There should be nothing extra on the walls as these take up space and make the room feel packed and crowded. Click this link for some bathroom storage ideas to make your space look bigger.

Remodelling a small bathroom doesn’t have to mean physically making it bigger by adding extensions as you can easily create the illusion of space by being a little creative with your colour choices and lighting.