Your Guide to Growing Stronger, Feeling Better and Bouncing Back After Failure

No one wants to fail. But when in business you ought to make decisions. While they are aimed at bringing out success, there is also a possibility that your decisions may also prove to be a failure. Indeed, failure is detrimental to the confidence. That is why everybody dreads it. However, all business owners need to face it instead of mourning.

Your Guide to Growing Stronger, Feeling Better and Bouncing Back After Failure

When we fail, it is quite normal to be disappointed. After all we are human beings and disappointment over our failures is a normal reaction. Everybody commits mistake. But the problem starts when you lose courage to act further after you fail.

As an entrepreneur, you should not start identifying yourself with failure. Otherwise, you’ll lose all the confidence in yourself and think that you are a looser. More you think so more you grieve. More you grieve more unconfident you feel.

You should realise that a failure does not mean that you have failed. Your idea or decision might have been wrong and need some adjustment, but that do not imply that you cannot succeed. Failure is not the end of the journey. Do not think about your mistakes. Instead, take note of the things that you have learned from your mistakes.

In business, and in any other aspect of life, failures are necessary. Failure precedes the success. Always!

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7 Warning Signs that you Need Better Social Media Management

If you are the social media manager of your own business taking the lead role in your campaigns, it is essential that you know and understand every single aspect of this job as you will be representing your brand.

7 warning signs that your blog needs better social media management

It is definitely an undisputed fact that every organisation needs to be active in social media. The ever-changing demands of the modern day consumer require brands to think fast and adapt quickly in order to stay one step ahead.

The social media manager’s role has appealed to the mass generation of socially-active internet users. It’s hard not to. Especially when some might think that you can earn big bucks from posting Facebook updates.

If you run a blog for your company, it is also important to have a great social media management. One of the simple things you can do is by adding social media buttons to your blog or website. This gives your readers opportunity to share the post on his social media platforms. The social media buttons achieve this function. If one of your blog posts gets shared often, it will be more popular.

A social media manager is like a stand-up comedian. You have to quickly understand your audience and your engagement with them is vital. In order to accomplish this, you need to know if the audience is laughing at your jokes and you need to know this in real-time. If you can do this, then you have already won the crowd.

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Apply for a trademark in Australia

If you have just invented a certain product, or have just come up with a great idea, you must get a patent and register to ensure you get a trademark registration.

Trademark registration is important so that no individual or company can steal your ideas. You have to take the proper steps to ensure your name is tied to the product, service, or invention, and to ensure it is properly registered, so that no one else can use the idea that you have come up with, without your permission, or without first paying you some type of royalty for the use of the idea.

When someone comes up with a million dollar idea, he should consider turning to a professional to get the trademark registration completed; you can call an attorney. Your lawyer is not only going to know the proper steps to take, but they are also going to do it in a timely fashion to ensure no one else can jump on board and take the credit for your creation.

Although you can do everything online these days, trademark and patent registration is a big thing especially if it is a big idea, or something ground breaking, you should definitely opt to talk to a professional and have an attorney work on the trademark registration on your behalf.

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4 elements a video needs to have to go viral

Perth Business News

Video marketing is the latest boom that is quietly taking over modern business marketing. A lot of people continue to see the advantages of video marketing but haven’t quite learned what to make of it.

First of all, viral video marketing is a strategy or formula that encourages people to send, pass, or talk about a marketing message to their friends and families over and over. Similar to a flu virus, a marketing virus is often caught and passed on to more people under its own momentum, the more it’s passed on the stronger it gets.

If you want a powerful combination for your marketing strategy, adding the power of video in viral marketing is an awesome idea. That’s because the video generation and the company or person whose goal is to make a profit can no longer ignore the power of viral video marketing.

For some business individuals, video marketing is hit or miss strategy at best and the success depends on how much luck you got in your pocket. If you are lucky, a lot of people will notice your video, share it and will go viral. However, what these people do not know is that there is an exact formula to helping videos go viral.

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